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Fitness is something that requires time and dedication, which can be hard to come by for people who hold 9-5 jobs and are busy during the week. Fortunately, technology has made it so much easier to sneak in time to work out, even if you don’t have any to spare for a few hours at the gym.

Benefits of Online Personal Training

If you work out at home, there is no need to get dressed up for the gym, no need to make the walk or drive to and from the park or tennis court, and you get to save the time you used to spend just preparing to go to the gym. Starting a work-out is as easy as getting into your work-out clothes, putting some music on, and opening the latest email from your trainer.

Health and Fitness

I was hoping to poll a few people for my first post and discover if it’s better to have a studio for people to visit or do house / business calls where I come and photograph you there? I am hesitate for house calls as I feel like photography may seem creepy for some people, but I think I just need to market myself better. Granted, my personal trainer does house calls and I just find that very convenient. Which is why I wanted to reach out. Our should I do both? I’m not sure, but I could definitely save on costs if I didn’t have a studio. Although I feel like my husband would divorce me if I was home that often (he works from home too!).